Developer HyperDevbox Japan has launched its Kickstarter for Thermidor, a Japanese RPG set in Revolutionary France meant to combine Western styles with classic Japanese anime art. The studio is seeking to raise approximately $167,000 in order to finance the development of the game.

Set in 1789 France, players are cast as Léandre, the peasant son of a tavern owner resentful of the aristocracy and excited by the flames of le révolution. However, he encounters Armandine, a young lady with the heart of a swordsman who brings into question his beliefs about the aristocracy. Beyond the discontent of the commons, however, matters are not quite as they appear to be. The devout Sister, the strange Twins, and the shadowy Doctor are some of the strange beings lurking in the background.

In addition to a manipulable 3D isometric view, the game will include the Dynamic Awareness System, a technology that provides the characters with an intelligent awareness of their movement and those around them throughout the gameplay. As a tactical RPG, maneuver is an essential part to gameplay, so DAS allows the AI to intercept character movement or change strategies as necessary. Characters will display individual specialties and will acquire new skills as they level up. The combat system includes a flexible weapon system that allows characters to pick up and use looted weapons or pass them to those more expert in their use. This also applies to weapons dropped by the player’s party and picked up by their foes.

Backers will receive various rewards, including a hardcover art book, a physical copy of the game’s soundtrack, and other items. HyperDevbox Japan has broken down exactly how the funds will be spent below.

The Kickstarter concludes July 16, 2017.