The Square Enix Collective, an initiative that provides a range of non-restrictive services to independent developers, has launched Black The Fall, a dystopian puzzle-platformer. The game is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as via Steam.

Developed by Sand Sailor Studio, the game touches on life in Romania under Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu during his rule from the 1960s through the 1980s. Set in a communist dystopia, protagonist Black tries to escape the system that is keeping him and his fellow citizens enslaved. The game itself lacks text or dialogue, as the the story is told through experiences in play and is conveyed via image and sound.

The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles in the dystopia. Players must sneak through numerous stages, past cameras trained on their every step as they try to escape. According to the developer, players must make use of the kind of tactics people who survived that era mastered, manipulation and stealth

“With Black The Fall we really want to capture the feeling of what it was like to live in the communist state, and have been inspired by the first-hand experiences of our families. The world Black lives in might be fictional, but the system trying to beat him down is as bleak and oppressive as it has been in many countries around the world,” said Cristian Diaconescu, Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio.

Black The Fall was one of the first games that featured on the Collective feedback platform back in 2014, and was among the first Kickstarter campaigns we supported too,” said Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix Collective. “So it’s with great delight we’re working with the team at Sand Sailor Studio on releasing the game as well – both the game, and the team behind it, have come a very long way in that time, and we’re really looking forward to seeing people enjoy the experience they’ve created.”