Korean-based publisher Nexon announced today the release of Evil Factory, a mobile top-down action game with a retro 80’s art style. Evil Factory is available now as a free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

The story revolves around Leo, a short-tempered protagonist with a mind and mouth of his own, through the titular evil factory as he tries to destroy it and its operators. Leo must take down monstrous weaponized animals on floor after floor of the evil factory on his journey to defeat the nefarious Kraken.

Developed by Nexon subsidiary Neople, the team behind Dungeon Fighter Online, Evil Factory fuses detailed retro art and classic arcade gameplay with more modern (if not exactly welcome) features including weapon upgrades, character progression, leaderboards and weekly events. The gameplay follows in the steps of Shadow of the Colossus, removing small fry enemies and pitting players against giant bosses styled in nostalgic 8-bit graphics. Each boss is massive, filling the phone screen, and employs attacks that require players to be quick and clever with their weapons and character boosts, or dead.

Evil Factory features an original retro-themed synthesizer soundtrack by Jukio “Kuabee” Kallio, creator of the soundtracks for the cult hits Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne. The game also includes an homage to its roots, with miniature game cartridges which players can collect along their journey to unlock a variety of 8-bit arcade mini-games.

“Evil Factory is a major passion project for us, showing off our distinct stylistic vision with gameplay that takes inspiration from some of our favorite arcade classics,” said Jaeho Hwang, Producer of Neople Games. “Our team’s creativity and imagination shines through each 8-bit pixel and over-the-top boss fight, and we can’t wait to share it with players around the world.”