Developer Tritan Studios has launched its Kickstarter for Pillars of History, a game designed to blend action, RPG and quest elements with the trappings of medieval European history. The team is seeking to raise $50,000 in order to finance the development of the game.

Set in eighth century Eastern Europe, the game provides four preset characters with individual storylines for players to choose from. Each of them will have unique features and backgrounds that will affect the gameplay. Players will also be able to create their own heroes, allowing them to defend the Byzantine Empire, strive for glory amongst the Bulgars, raid with the Slavs, or struggle to preserve the dwindling Thracian tribes. By choosing their nationality, class and specialization, players will have different means, approaches and abilities at their disposal to overcome the obstacles in the game.

As a realistic historical game, Pillars of History focuses on recreating the feel of the era. Players will explore the then-mysterious lands of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, suffer consequences for their actions as they interact with other peoples, and take care of themselves as they work to keep their stamina, heal their wounds, and survive. Players will be able to choose from the classes of Warriors, Priests, Stockbreeders, and Archers. Future expansions will introduce new nations and classes to the game.

Backer will receive a variety of rewards, including art books, sound tracks, and special in-game items. As more tiers of funding are reached, the developers will include more features, including a random name generator allowing players to name their characters after backers and special behind-the-scenes access.

In a statement, the studio said, “So after a lot of hard work we’ve come to the point where we need a helping hand. As an Independent Game Development Studio we are familiar with the power of the dedicated fans, since we have their support throughout all these months. So now we kindly ask every RPG or History fan to stand by our side and help us once again to make one huge step towards the realization of Pillars of History.”

The Kickstarter concludes July 25, 2017.