The upcoming Pico Goblin headset from Pico Interactive now has an official online store. The store was launched by eCommerce solution provider Scalefast. As merchant of record, Scalefast will provide Pico Interactive with worldwide payments and refunds, fraud prevention, tax and remittance management, and international warehousing and fulfillment.

Designed to be easy to use for the average consumer, the Goblin is completely untethered as well as portable. The lack of wires or need for a computer or phone allows users to access VR Games, Apps and Videos with ease and from almost any location. The headset is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and utilizes two high resolution VR displays which allows for a 2.5K picture for virtual gaming and video experiences.

The Pico Software Development Kit includes multi-interaction controller support, asynchronous time warp, inside out six degrees of freedom (6Dof) head tracking and Object based audio design. Compatible with a Unity plug-in, developers to easily develop games and apps with 6Dof and make use of the company’s inside out tracking technology and object-based 3D sound engine. Unity integration makes porting Unity-based software from other platforms an simple process.

“At Pico, we are obsessed with creating delightful consumer-first experiences, and removing friction for our customers whenever possible,” said Paul Viglienzone, Vice President of Business Development for Pico Interactive Inc. “Scalefast allows us to do this with our superior online store.”

“Our full-service direct-to-consumer eCommerce solution makes it easy for Pico to get these incredible devices in the hands and on the heads of discerning fans everywhere,” said Mike Schwartz, Vice President of Sales at Scalefast. “With offices in Los Angeles, Paris and Madrid, Scalefast offers an innovative revenue-sharing model for global brands seeking to scale fast with a full-service eCommerce partner.”

The Pico Goblin will be released later this summer and will have more than fifty games available from for purchase from launch day. The headset is currently available for pre-order. In a special offer, the pre-order price is set at $249, $20 off of the recommended retail price. The offer also bundles five premium VR games with the headset.