Paradox Interactive’s annual party has gone from invite-only to open house.

PDXCON, the Paradox-specific convention restricted to media and developers in previous years, will be open to the public for the first time. Taking place the weekend of May 13-14 in Stockholm, Sweden, the event will feature hands-on gaming with Paradox’s titles, Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Magicka and Hearts of Iron, with high-end gaming rigs provided by DreamHack.

There will also be direct interaction with the creators and developers behind many of Paradox’s titles. Paradox leaders including Henrik Fåhraeus, Game Director of Crusader Kings, Dan Lind, Game Director of Hearts of Iron, and Johan Andersson, Executive Vice President of Creative Direction, will lead seminars and panel discussions on topics such as modding, the development process at Paradox, and AI programming.

Two musical performances will be held the first night of the event, presented by Paradox’s Senior Composer, Andreas Waldetoft. Music from Stellaris, Victoria 2, and Europa Universalis will be played by guest musicians Max Wulfson and Rosa Kvartetten.

In addition, a Cosplay competition will be held and special guests from the modding community, Kaiserreich and MEIOU & Taxes, will be presenting.

Tickets can be purchased here. The ticket includes the following:

  • An all-access pass to all convention activities, including seminars, game talks, gameplay areas, and contests.
  • A swag bag of PDXCON exclusive gifts, including a sack, a mousepad, a power bank, an inflatable sword, and the official PDXCON T-Shirt.
  • An exclusive PDXCON Forum Medal.
  • Admission to the Official PDXCON Saturday Night BBQ and Party.

Information in regards to travel and accommodation have also been provided. In a statement, Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, said, “2016 has been the year where Paradox has really opened up to the world, and the new PDX CON is the next step in that journey. We’re opening the convention up so we can meet our biggest fans, share our new announcements with our players first, and see if they can beat me at Hearts of Iron IV! I’ll see you all in Stockholm!”

The enthusiasm is quite genuine, as can be seen in the following trailer.

A more traditional trailer can be seen here.