Under the online pseudonym melessthanthree, a team under game designer Colin Horgan has launched a Kickstarter for LUCAH, a style-action role-playing game about finding oneself. The game is currently in alpha, and in order to finish the development of the game’s last seven chapters, the team has set a crowdfunding goal of $20,000.

Set in a surreal dreamscape of oppressive rituals and torment, the game features a unique hand-drawn art style that suggests a hostile world where much is left to player-imagination. Players are cast in the role of Lucah, a child who is one of the Marked. These children with innate magical powers are hunted and feared for the destructive potential they hold. After a terrifying dream, they wake into a distorted and hellish place where the Nightmares hunt them. Lucah must survive the onslaught in order to seek Purification and escape the Corruption.

Players will utilize customizable Mantras and Familiars to string together combos and defeat Nightmares with chains of spells, projectiles, and counterattacks in order to survive the onslaught of nightmare manifestations. Players can create unique fighting styles with customizable Paradigms, which allow them to mix and match different Mantras and Familiars. The Sin & Punishment difficulty system allows players “to create the perfect experience for [their] skill level.”

LUCAH is a game influenced by my personal struggles with identity and mental illness, drawing from horror, songwriting, and arcade action to present a singular experience of self-discovery through struggle,” said Horgan.

A portion of the Kickstarter funds will also be used for licensing and various other fees involved in developing a commercial game, such as the engine license and the Steam Direct fee. In addition, once the game’s content is complete, time will be dedicated to implementing extra visual & mechanical polish. Backers will receive perks such as early access, art books, and in-game NPC opportunities. If the funding goal is exceeded, the additional funds will be used to pay for the development of post-game content, to be included for free in the base game. That content includes New Game+ modes that increase difficulty with newly-designed, extra-challenging Nightmare encounters, as well as new story scenes to discover, and an Infinite Mode that tests character builds and combat prowess against endless waves of Nightmares and Bosses.

The Kickstarter concludes July 9, 2017.