While E3 hogs all the spotlight, there are still games to play, betas to test, and articles to write. A closed beta and an open beta are available for those less than impressed with E3 so far.

In alphabetical order, Snail Games has initiated a closed beta for their upcoming fantasy survival title, Dark and Light. The beta is meant to help the studio prepare for the game’s Steam Early Access launch later this year. Gamers interested in participating will need to fill out a questionnaire, and participants will be selected from the pool of respondents. Players who receive an invite will be able to access the exclusive test server on June 20, 2017.

On another platform entirely, new studio NeoBricks is conducting an open beta test for their snake-style mobile game JamesBomb for Android and iOS. Players control the handsome agent James Bomb and help him find a cure against a dangerous deadly virus that was stolen from a scientific institute in Korea. By being shrunk down to the size of the virus and driving the so-called Bombship, players can use the Bombtail to destroy the enemy.

There are various difficulties, modes, and Bombships for players to use. The game can be downloaded here.