E3 is over and it was quite uninspiring, but even so there are still games that need beta testing, players who like to test out the latest titles, obscure or otherwise. A trio of betas, open and closed, are available for those ready to get on with their summers.

In alphabetical order, GAMEVIL has begun its second global closed beta test for their mobile MMORPG ArcheAge Begins. Based on the PC MMORPG ArcheAge, it is set in the same universe created by Korean fantasy author Min-hee Jeon. Players will be able to control their teams using the new “flip-style” battle method, which allows players to perform skills with ease on mobile devices. There will be both single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes and gamers can participate in real-time Raids with other users across the globe. Players will also be able to enjoy lifestyle features such as fishing, trading and commerce. The beta test runs until July 3, 2017, and those who wish to participate in the beta can download the game here.

The open beta for Cosmic Cry continues, as developer McPeppergames seeks player feedback on the opening levels of the game. Set in the distant future, humanity has colonized many worlds in space. However, human civilization is threatened by an unknown power, which attacks and destroys mankind’s bases through dimensional portals. Players of this Tower Defense TD game are charged with defeating the aliens that are running rampant, either in casual or long gameplay.

Last but not least, Shot Online Golf has begun its closed beta. The mobile adaptation of the PC MMO golf game Shot Online, the game features gameplay that not only caters to the millions of Shot Online fans all over the world, but is also easy for newcomers to pick up and enjoy. During the closed beta phase, players will be able to reap benefits such as daily login gifts and rewards for completing 30/50/100 holes.

The closed beta will run until June 28, 2017, and applications to become a tester will remain open right until the close of business that day. Upon conclusion of the beta test, all player progress and characters will be wiped. All Android and iOS phone or tablet users can sign up for the test here.