AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Warspear Online meets New Heroes, The Long Journey Home likes story time, Swarm Universe explores new maps, Conan Exiles counts to twenty-seven, Little Bigfoot makes a big impression, and Crab War becomes multilingual.

Warspear Online
Four new classes have been introduced in update 7.0 of Warspear Online:Charmer, Hunter, Warden and Seeker. Charmers combine the best features of fighting sorcerers and heavy armored warriors; they are able to wear magic weapons, cloth armor, maces with shields and heavy gear. The first class in the game that can summon beasts, Charmers can choose several roles: tanking and controlling, damage dealing or support. The first Legion class that can use ranged physical weapons, Hunters wield bows and crossbows. Their role in the game is damage dealing, either in PvP or PvE battles, depending on their skills. Wardens are another tank in the Sentinel Alliance, able to endure large amounts of damage in PvE, specializing toward completing Dungeons, solo-farming, and raiding bosses. Seekers are the first Sentinel class to possess invisibility. Designed for damage dealing, the amount of damage dealt gradually increases during battle due to numerous empowering effects, especially in PvP.

Apart from new classes, the update adds new class weapons and relics, achievements, craft professions, a new system of quest rewards on native islands and many other changes.

The Long Journey Home
Space RPG The Long Journey Home has received a Story Mode in its first update. Designed based on feedback from the game’s community, this new mode offers a smoother introduction to the game, with more abundant resources and valuable, aliens that are more generous with their trade agreements, and far more planets with Earth-like conditions and fewer extreme hazards.

Players are also equipped with a more resilient Lander and additional assistance for tricky parts of the game, such as easier orbiting around planets and reduced damage from celestial threats. Additionally, the pirate presence has been reduced throughout the galaxy.

Swarm Universe
Top-down Steam shooter Swarm Universe has received eight new maps in its recent update. The maps are evenly divided between single player and multiplayer. The single player maps are called Paranoia, Orb Defender, Serpent, and The Plant, while the multiplayer maps are known as Panic Room, Critical Decision, Double Fortress, and Trinity.

Conan Exiles
Early access survival game Conan Exiles has received its twenty-seventh update. The update provides players with more options to defend themselves, including shielding their bases from the avatars of the gods and adding drawbridges, siege cauldrons, crenelated walls, explosive orbs, and elevators.

Little Bigfoot
iOS mobile game Little Bigfoot has been updated. Six new playable creatures with new abilities have been added, as well as a new enemy, the S.O.C.K.S. Invisi-Trooper. The update also includes a new Swamplands map, the Tripwire L.A.S.E.R. hazard, thousands of fresh level combinations, and thirty new Game Center achievements.

Crab War
Mobile game Crab War now includes support for the Russian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.