AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Pokemon Go hits the gym, Shu explores the Depths of Discovery, Edengrad goes to war, Ragnarok Online turn fourteen on Rock Ridge, and Bot Colony learns to talk with Microsoft.

Pokemon Go
Gyms in Pokemon Go are undergoing a major upgrade to make ownership more collaborative. The new Gyms will add a spinnable Photo Disc just like PokeStops that will distribute unique items. Trainers will also receive Gym Badges that they can level up to earn increased rewards and bonus items at Gyms.

Gyms will now feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team’s Pokemon, and opposing teams will battle Pokemon in the order they were assigned to the Gym. The new motivation system introduces an interactive factor for Pokemon assigned to a Gym that will impact their potential Combat Power. Pokemon defending a Gym will lose motivation over time and as they are defeated, lowering their effective CP and making it easier for opposing teams to defeat them. However, Trainers from the same team can feed the defending Pokemon some Berries to keep them motivated.

Playstation 4 platformer Shu has received a free update with six new levels which includes the three levels debuted on Steam last month. Steam users will receive an update with the remaining three levels. The six levels are called Beneath the Ruins, No Turning Back, Depths of Discovery, Chase Through Chambers, Deep Dash and Conquering the Caverns, These levels use the same villagers found in the main game but will be collected in a different order.

MMORPG Edengrad has implemented completely new features. Players will now be able to engage in wars with other towns. Other additions include new animations, new maps, a new planting system, new construction elements and skills such as First Aid, allowing players to heal their companions. The game servers have been improved to provide players with a faster and more stable gameplay experience.

Ragnarok Online
Longrunner Ragnarok Online has added its newest town, Rock Ridge. The new field is themed after the American Wild West and adds new quests and items.

Bot Colony
The latest update for “intelligent conversation game” Bot Colony integrates Microsoft’s Cognitive Services speech API to enhance the game’s ability to respond to spoken English.