AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Gigantic gets an Eternal Dawn, Elsword gives its fallen angel a new job, Toram Online adjusts its dual wielding, Game of Dice rolls snake eyes in The Lost City, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided reveals its Criminal Past, Steep goes to Alaska, Mini Metro becomes Endless, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius goes 2.0.

XBox One/Win10 MOBA Gigantic has expanded with the Eternal Dawn update. The update introduces a new character, a leaderboard function, and other new content, including a new creature and the Eternal Light Weapons and Champion of Aurion Skins. The Competitive Leaderboard contains detailed information to assess overall skill and gives breakdowns of the Heroes players use while offering more information on how the player uses them. Rank is determined by the overall skill rating relative to other players andis calculated based on wins and losses versus the quality of opponents faced.

New character Zandora is a melee/support hybrid who uses auras to empower herself and allies on the battlefield and brings the character roster total to eighteen. Zandora also receives the Champion of Aurion Skin, including two color variants. A powerful new creature, the Storm Drake, wreaks havoc on whole teams with chain lightning attacks that bounce from foe to foe. New progression rewards for all eighteen heroes, Eternal Light Weapon Skins, are meant to encourage players to master each hero in order to earn or purchase a new weapon skin at level 10.

Toram Online
Mobile MMORPG Toram Online has received a major update. New story missions have been incorporated into the game, as well as the new maps “Dark Mirror” and “Garden of Sublimation.” The character level cap has been raised to 120. Blacksmiths have access to six new recipes.

The combat system has also been revised, with Lv3 Battle Skills and Lv2 Guard Skills available for purchase at the in-game library in Sofya City. Blade Skills and Dual Sword Skills have been adjusted, with improvements to the damage dealt, range, and activation time for five skills. The additional damage of Dual Sword Skills have been adjusted upward and enables players to deal more damage with their swords.

MMORPG Elsword has added a third Job Path to its fallen angel, Ain. As with all Elsword Job Paths, Ain’s third path will start at level 15 with the Lofty: Wanderer. At level 35, players will have the opportunity to take on the pinnacle of chaos and become the Lord of the Abyss: Apostasia. This addition also brings with it a new combat system, Seed of Chaos. Casting both active and special active skills contributes to a point system that can then be converted into tiered buffs that further empower the player.

Game of Dice
Game of Dice, a mobile game, has gone 2.0. This update includes the new map, The Lost City, which includes the new features Changing Block and Particle Charging Block. The Lost City map will also allow players to compete against each other through 1:1 singles or 2:2 team matches. Three new skill cards have been added and the guild system has received improvements.

Game of Dice now has a new opening theme with a new animated scene and the new theme song ‘Grab That Time,’ composed by ESTi and seibin, and sung by YURiCa/hanatan.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Multiplatform Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has received its second DLC story mission, “A Criminal Past.” Set before the events of the main game, the mission encompasses Adam Jensen’s first mission, where he poses as a convicted criminal, attempts to retrieve sensitive information from a an undercover agent who has gone dark. A Criminal Past is now available on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and online stores for $11.99.

Multiplatform Steep has added Alaska to its world regions. The free update features Alaska’s Mount Denali and includes 21 new challenges, 2 branded challenges, and one Mountain Story for Steep players to tackle. Two additional Invitationals challenge players to raise their reputation. New Alaska items and costumes have also been added.

Mini Metro
Mobile game Mini Metro has been updated with a new Endless Mode. Players are selecting Endless mode can play the game at a more casual pace, allowing them to plenty of time to design and operate the metro grid without fear of a game over. The update also includes bug fixes as well as new tracks by Mateo Lugo.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has gone 2.0. The update features new content and improved gameplay. The story has been expanded and players can complete a new side quest to obtain the Esper Odin. The summon function has been improved, the quest menu has been renovated, and the home screen has also been revamped to allow even quicker access to menus and a better play experience.