It’s true that gamers love to troll each other, but they also love to help a child in need.

Back in November 2016, Wargaming, developer and publisher of the international MMO World of Tanks, partnered with the UK branch of the War Child charity for their Armistice Campaign. War Child is an organization committed to helping children who have had their lives torn apart by war, including refugees who have lost their homes and child soldiers who no longer understand civilian life. They are the only specialist charity supporting children affected by conflict.

Through this partnership, players of World of Tanks were able to buy special emblems and packages to help raise money for children affected by conflict all over the world, with the entirety of the proceeds going directly to the charity. The community successfully raised $84,800.

“As a retired soldier I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable and invaluable work that War Child do in areas affected by conflict. I am extremely proud of both Wargaming and our fabulous community for supporting this incredible and invaluable charity,” said Richard Cutland, Head of Military Relations at Wargaming.

“The relief and support War Child is providing to the weakest and most vulnerable victims of war – our children – has been truly inspirational for everyone at Wargaming,” said Markus Schill, General Manager Europe at Wargaming. “Through our support of museums we are striving to help preserve the memory and knowledge about armored warfare and to raise awareness for the reality that real war is not a game. It is very humbling for us to see just how supportive of War Child’s immensely important work our community is and it is an honor for us to make this contribution in their name today.”

“At War Child we’re really overwhelmed by the generosity of the studios that took part. We’d also like to thank all the players who downloaded content or showed their support, said Wayne Emanuel, Gaming Development Manager at War Child. “War Child relies on support of partners like those who took part in Armistice to be able to provide our crucial work. We are already excited about the next Armistice where we hope we can build on this year’s fantastic efforts and raise even more!”