Trailers aren’t news, but they’re sure pretty to look at it. Check out today’s trailers for Raiders of the Broken Planet, Detached, Endless Space 2, and Omnom Necropolis.

Raiders of the Broken Planet
The developers behind Raiders of the Broken Planet have released a video diary for their fans. The trailer focuses on the role of the Antagonist, one of the core pillars in the asymmetric shooter, which is in closed beta. The Antagonist can select any character from the Raiders roster and also see which characters the Raiders team selects, allowing the Antagonist to pick a character whose strengths and weaknesses are tailored towards the opposition.

The launch trailer for Detached is now out. The VR title simulates sudden and dramatic acceleration, freefalling, twisting, and rolling as it encourages players to use Shields, Rockets, and Boosts to battle. Even at 90 fps, it is not for VR-sensitive players! The game is now available via Steam and the Oculus store.

Endless Space 2
The 4X video tour for Endless Space 2 has concluded with eXterminate. The new trailer focuses on the destructive side of grand strategy 4X games and allows players to vicariously live through the annihilation of their foes. The game will be released for PC and Mac via Steam tomorrow, May 19, 2017.

Omnom Necropolis
Those who have wondered over the life of graveyard worms can now indulge their morbid curiosity with Omnom Necropolis. Players of the casual puzzler will feed their hungry friend on collectibles and bonuses. The game is available as of today via Steam.