Trailers aren’t news, but they’re sure pretty to look at it. Check out today’s trailers for ROKH, AKIBA’S BEAT, Dreadnought, and Garrison: Archangel.

The achievement of Steam Early Access grants ROKH its own trailer. Set on the planet Mars, the game has players try to uncover the cause of the destruction of the previous Mars colonies and features a persistent world and multiplayer co-op. The game can be acquired off of Steam as of today.

After weeks of teasing, AKIBA’S BEAT is now officially available. The JRPG is XSEED Games’s largest voiceover project to date and is described as a “modern-day satirical spin on the classic Japanese RPG formula.” The game can be played for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and sports digital and physical editions.

Fans of space opera battles can now embark on Dreadnought and join its open beta. The game puts players in command of massive capital ships on the front lines of tactical team battles across a variety of competitive online multiplayer modes. Captains must master their vessels and work together to succeed, utilizing their team’s strengths while exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. The free-to-play title can be played on PC.

Garrison: Archangel
Upcoming action game Garrison: Archangel has received a fresh new trailer. A fast-paced, customizable mecha fighting game designed for PvP and multiplayer team battles, the game is expected to make its way to Steam Greenlight in June.