Trailers aren’t news, but they’re sure pretty to look at it. Check out today’s trailers for Seclusion: Islesbury, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Seclusion: Islesbury
Steam Greenlight candidate Seclusion: Islesbury has unveiled a pair of trailers to prepare folks for its hoped-for debut later in the year. The videos involve a gameplay sneak peek and a story teaser, and the game itself should be released in third quarter of 2017.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
New action-adventure title Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has launched onto PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with an accompanying trailer. The game will receive a Steam version in June 2017.

Star Wars Battlefront II
A full-length reveal trailer for Star Wars™ Battlefront II emerged from Star Wars Celebration down in Disney. Given the bad press already surrounding the game, perhaps it would have been better if it hadn’t?