Trailers aren’t news, but they’re sure pretty to look at it. Check out today’s trailers for Shock Tactics, Tarturus, Today is my birthday, and Stardew Valley.

Shock Tactics
Indie game Shock Tactics officially launched today alongside a new trailer showcasing the game’s tactical combat. The trailer showcases exploration, squad abilities, and customization options, as well as some of the game’s toughest enemies. The game is available via Steam as of today for $19.99.

Celebrating its recent Steam Greenlighting, first-person game Tartarus has released a new teaser trailer hinting at some of the situations players will need to navigate and survive. Developer Abyss Gameworks is working to release the complete game this year.

Today is my birthday
Upcoming survival horror game Today is my birthday has released its first reveal trailer. A demo version of the game should be available soon.

Stardew Valley
Indie hit Stardew Valley has expanded its plantation onto the XBox One and PlayStation 4 with Collector’s Editions for both consoles. The Collector’s Edition is available throughout North American today and will hit UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Scandinavia on April 13, 2017.