Publisher THQ Nordic has announced the console debut of This Is The Police, a strategy/adventure game where the player controls a city’s police department and attempts to keep the peace while accumulating enough money to pay for his retirement. The game is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it was previously obtainable for PC, Mac, and Linux as as via Steam.

Developed by Weappy Studio, the game places players in the role of Jack Boyd, the jaded chief of police for the city of Freeburg. The city has seen better days, with everyone from the Mafia to the Mayor attempting to carve a slice of it for themselves. With 180 days until retirement, all Jack Boyd wants is to make it to the end of his tour of duty with a suitable nest egg for his golden years; $500,000 should just about cover it.

As might be expected, the gameplay combines Jack’s goal of obtaining half a million dollars with his duties. Players are required to manage their staff, respond to emergencies, and investigate crimes, just like any normal chief of police. Routine activities like crisis management, dealing with questions from the press, and being cross-examined in court are interspersed with negotiations with crime bosses and political feuding with City Hall. The catch is that Freeburg may as well be a suburb of Gotham City, since the situation is far more corrupt and cutthroat than your average metropolis, with the Mafia, the Mayor, Labor Unions, and others competing for money and power.

For those who find the voice in the trailer familiar, Jack Boyd is portrayed by Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem.

This is the Police is available as a digital download or as a physical box item. Its recommended retail price is €19.99/£15.99/$14.99. The game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.