New research by British offer and discount website has revealed that nearly three-quarters of British gamers have lost their temper whilst playing, getting into arguments with online players and even breaking their games console, TV, or furniture.

The poll, with 2,433 participants whom labelled themselves as a gamers, quizzed participants over their gaming habits and if their gaming had the ability to affect their mood. Approximately 74% of the respondents admitted to losing their tempers while gaming. When asked what provoked them, 31% acknowledged frustration with incompetent teammates, 29% were aggravated with other players ruining their game, while 20% were aggravated by their own mistakes within the game.

When asked to what extreme they’ve lost their temper in the past, respondents stated that they either screamed and shouted (37%), got into arguments with others online (30%), and broke something in rage (23%). When asked to estimate how much damage they’d caused in the past year from losing their temper whilst gaming, the average was approximately £145 (~$187). With research by industry body Ukie suggesting as many as 32 million gamers residing in Great Britain, the estimated damage could be over £1.16 billion (~$1.5 billion).

Broken down, the likeliest victims for gamer rage-induced destruction were:

  • The controller/keyboard – 41%
  • A headset – 38%
  • The television/computer monitor – 32%
  • The game (disc) – 14%
  • A chair – 9%

“Gaming is a massive part of some people’s lives, but for many it is exactly that – just a game,” said George Charles, spokesperson for “If you do ever experience angry outbursts when playing a game, try to take deep breaths and remember that if you lose, it isn’t the end of the world and it definitely isn’t worth breaking an expensive TV or furniture in your home. It’s certainly not worth breaking the game or console, leaving yourself unable to play completely.”