Bandai Namco has completed their roll out of Tales of Berseria in North America this week. The game is now available for PlayStation 4 and Steam.

The story take place in the Holy Midgand Empire, a powerful country that rules over the many islands of the setting, and follows Velvet Crowe, a young woman whose once gentle nature has been buried underneath the crucible of hatred after monstrous trauma and horrific injustice resulted in three excruciating years of bitter imprisonment. After breaking out of her island prison, Velvet joins a crew of pirates and sets out to avenge herself on those who wronged her.

The game’s setting is shared with Berseria‘s predecessor, Tales of Zestiria, and is set in that title’s distant past. As with previous Tales titles, the game uses the Linear Motion Battle System. One new element in gameplay, however, is the Soul Gauge, which replaces the move-governing mechanics of earlier games in the series. Once the Soul Gauge is sufficiently full, a character can activate an unique state called the Break Soul. The effect a Break Soul brings to battle changes with the character than activates it. Another new element, Switch Blast, allows players to alter their team during battle, switching an active character for a backup while scoring a free attack.

Out in Japan since August 2016, certain details about the game are already known. Japanese animation studio ufotable animated the game’s cutscenes. The game’s theme song, Burn, was composed and performed by Flow. The game’s theme is “Discovering your Own Reason to Live.” Unfortunately, there has been censorship in a major scene at the beginning of the game, specifically to meet Teen version of Europe’s version of the ESRB. Bandai Namco insists no other censorship has been made.

Tales of Berseria has a suggested retail price of $59.99. As might be guessed from the previous paragraph, the game is rated “T” for Teen.