Games development nonprofit Stugan have announced the participants for their third annual camp. Twenty-six developers distributed across fifteen teams have been accepted into the seven week long games accelerator, where they will be mentored in a variety of essential industry skills ranging from design and publishing to marketing. The program will run from June 26 through August 12, 2017.

Launched in 2015 and named for the first Swedish video game, Stugan is conducted each year in a cabin in the Swedish wilderness. The cabin itself holds room for a large work space, as well as bedrooms for the participants, a dining area, and access to amenities of nature such as a lake. Mentors for the 2017 program include camp veterans Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, Tommy Palm of Resolution Games and Oskar Burman of Fast Travel Games, as well as key members from Oculus, Supercell, Raw Fury, Coffee Stain Studios, and others.

The program has grown significantly, with more developers applying to the program each year. The number of applicants increased by 20% for the 2017 program, while applications were received from fifty-tree countries. The twenty-six accepted this year originate from Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, UK, Denmark and Sweden itself.

Some of the projects that the teams will developer during the program include an experimental game about a jazz band, a virtual reality game about managing a puppet theater, a multiplayer collaborative game where players live the lives of penguins to build and support their own huddles, and a platformer where players alter and deform the game world in order to advance.

A new element in the Stugan program is sponsored teams, where game studio publishers sponsor the participation in the accelerator of one of their portfolio teams. The sponsoring companies will provide not only monetary support for the entire program, but also mentoring from their top talent. The 2017 sponsored teams are represented by Raw Fury and Coffee Stain Studios.

“The third year of Stugan is our biggest yet,” said Stugan manager Jana Palm. “We received a staggering number of applicants that highlighted the very best in indie games development. It was hard to narrow our choice down to just fifteen teams, but we’re confident that we’ve selected the participants who will benefit most from what Stugan has to offer. Once the summer concludes, these teams will have everything they need to set out into the wider games industry and expand their mark.”