Jagex has signed an agreement with technology company Improbable whereby the RuneScape developer will implement Improbable’s SpatialOS platform in future game development.

SpatialOS is a computation platform designed to work around game engine and infrastructure limitations. The technology allows for hundreds of game engines running in the cloud to cooperate together to simulate and manage a much larger game world. Theoretically, this could allow every object in the game world to persist indefinitely, meaning an item dropped on the ground could persist for years instead of automatically disappearing. On the infrastructure side, SpatialOS should enable studios to concentrate on improving their games over building and maintaining server infrastructure.

Studios currently building games on SpatialOS include Bossa Studios (which is using it in Worlds Adrift), Spilt Milk Studios (Lazarus), HelloVR (MetaWorld), Entrada Interactive (Rebel Horizons), and Soulbound Studios (Chronicles of Elyria).

“Jagex has already made RuneScape an iconic brand in online gaming, and it’s great to be partnering with them to bring new levels of depth and scale to Jagex’s future creations by providing SpatialOS as a platform,” said Herman Narula, Improbable’s co-founder and CEO. “From catching the first fish on Tutorial Island in 2001 to hunting for loot in the Wilderness, RuneScape and the world of Gielinor have given millions of players great stories to tell. We’re excited to see what such an experienced team with this established and well-loved IP will be able to do with our platform, which enables greater player density, larger and more detailed worlds and new forms of emergent gameplay.”

“As a studio, we have online gaming at heart and we’ve always looked for technology that can help to deliver the best possible experience for our players,” said Phil Mansell, COO and acting CEO of Jagex. “We’re looking forward to working with Improbable and discovering the advancements the SpatialOS platform can bring to multiplayer gaming.”