Developer Cats who play today released Syrian Warfare, a real-time strategy game based around the currently ongoing Syrian Civil War.

With the conflict nearly six years old at this point, and with no clear end in sight, the Syrian Civil War has become akin to background noise for many as new conflicts and political divisions occur. For those forced to flee or still in the midst of the carnage, it is still a bleeding wound. Cats who play chose to develop the game in order to show the course of the war through the major milestones of the conflict, from the earliest days to the latest battles.

Unlike most RTS games, the story itself is not based on the point of view of a general. Instead, Cats who play said they have focused it on a common man who lived in the country as the war developed. The developers have called it “a story of struggle, loss and regained hope.”

Cats who play had said that they designed the gameplay to replicate actual battlefield conditions. Syrian Warfare lacks base construction or units production elements, instead obliging the player to decide their force composition characteristics before the mission. Reinforcements are available, while troops and machinery crews gain experience as they move through missions, but there are also limitations, such as the impossibility of repair, and sparse ammunition and fuel. The game also introduces elements such as demolition of in-game objects, the storming of buildings, usage of smokescreens, infantry lift by helicopters and APC/IFV, air strike calls, capturing of trophy weapons and equipment, usage of heat flares and active defense complexes.

Frankly, the game sounds like it deserves the Modern Warfare epithet far more than Call of Duty does.

Syrian Warfare retails for $19.99. To celebrate the game’s release on Steam, Cats who play is offering a 10% discount until February 24, 2017.