Publisher Degica Games have set tonight as the release time for Scar of the Doll, a mystery/thriller visual novel that started life as iOS game. The game has been remastered for Steam and will be available at approximately 8pm EST.

The story follows Asumi as she goes to Tokyo to search for her elder sister, whom she has mysteriously not heard from for months. Arriving in Japan’s capital in December, Asumi finds no trace of her sister, neither in the laboratory where she was assigned, nor at her apartment. At a loss as to what to do, Asumi decides to find out what has happened to her sister, no matter what. It’s simply unfortunate that the mystery requires her to risk her life to find out.

Developed by Child Dream, which enjoys something of a cult following in its native Japan, the game was authored by Hidehisa Miyashita, the scenario writer from the dark fantasy PS3 game Folklore. A choice-based visual novel, the player guides Asumi through the game, while doing their best to avoid the bad ends that lie along the way from a wrong decision. The Steam version has received upgraded visuals and an additional scenario has been added.