Seattle-based Innervate has launched its new Red Shell attribution tool, which is designed to help game developers, marketers, and publishers track how well their marketing campaigns and paid media are converting gamers into players of their Steam games.

Red Shell makes use of proprietary Steam attribution technology, which Innervate says is supposed to accurately track which players are coming from which sources. A player is identified when they click on any of the links from a marketing campaign, as well as when the player starts the game. The tool recognizes and tags the player as a conversation, which is then attributed back to the marketing campaign. Red Shell is integrated with prominent networks like Google’s AdWords and provides SDKs and APIs to facilitate its implementation.

“Red Shell is the first solution we’ve seen that highlights the real time optimization and success of our marketing campaigns, giving us a unique and much needed overview of where qualified traffic is coming from. This is a must have tool for anyone serious about tracking and measuring marketing data to optimize sales. We recommend it to anyone with similar actives,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games, current publisher of Brawl of Ages and creator of Heroes of Newerth.

In a case study with S2 Games, Red Shell provided a clear overview of the sources that were driving downloads. S2 Games was able to terminate underperforming campaigns and concentrate on those shown to have a high return-on-investment. The publisher said this resulted in better retention and improved feedback on its games.

“We aim to provide game developers and publishers the ability to connect with their audience and Red Shell is another tool that allows us to do just that,” said Adam Lieb, CEO of Innervate. “With Red Shell we can take out the uncertainty that goes into a marketing campaign and allow developers and publishers to quickly identify where players are coming from and if their marketing campaign strategy is effective or not. We’ve received great feedback and heard client success stories with those testing the early beta phase of Red Shell and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce its release.”