New developer ATAT Tech has announced details for their projected first title, Project EvE.

Built using the Unity 3D Engine, Project EvE will be an augmented reality video game where players will defend their homes against an interdimensional alien invasion. It will ship with a robot that integrates with the game. Players will need the robot in order to play, while the game itself will require a recent tablet, smartphone or a PC with AR capabilities.

“You drive around your physical robot that has a camera mounted on the front, which is its ‘EvE Vision’ that allows you and the robot to see into this alternate dimension where you will fight waves of alien attackers.” said Amie Dansby, CEO and Co-Founder of ATAT Tech. “You will be able to upgrade your existing equipment’s power in game. However, you will also be able to purchase new, more powerful upgrades and attach them to your robot which will reflect in game as well. Don’t like the standard cannon? Get yourself a pair of twin lasers.”

The game’s story arc starts with the discovery of alternate dimensions. In this particular instance, the one humans have discovered a dimension filled with alien invaders that are eager to conquer Earth. Researchers reveal that the aliens are purely digital creatures and can’t be stopped with conventional weapons. In order to combat the interdimensional threat, the Extradimensional Vehicular Explorer (the titular EvE) is created and deployed.

“Every EvE unit has an advanced AI to help you learn the basics and become efficient at eradicating the aliens from your home. There will be increasingly difficult missions that require the pilot to be strategic about their upgrades, both in-game and in real life.” said Tim Kennedy, CTO and Co-Founder of ATAT Tech.

The company will demo Project EvE at PAX East 2017 in order to receive player feedback. They intend to incorporate the feedback into the next iteration of the game and will at Booth #24110.