Developer CFK today announced the release of Princess Maker Refine, a remake of the original Princess Maker game that spawned the franchise of the same name. The game is now available on Steam.

Released in 1991, the original Princess Maker introduced the concept of raising a child to the nascent life simulation genre. The game revolves around the war orphan Maria and the player, her guardian, responsible for raising the ten year old until she reaches adulthood. Players are charged with choosing Maria’s training and activities, which can include adventures better suited for adults, and their choices over the course of eight years will shape Maria’s personality, talents, and future. There are 74 possible endings for Maria, ranging from the titular princess role all the way down to con artist.

Princess Maker Refine has been remade with full color graphics, an upgrade from its original 16-bit form, and the effort was supervised by the original author, Takami Akai. The game adds full Japanese voice-overs in character dialogues, and updated sound and music quality. Princess Maker Refine includes the full implementation of Steam Achievements and the Steam Trading Card system.

Princess Maker Refine retails for $9.99. To celebrate the game’s release on Steam, CFK is offering a 10% discount until February 24, 2017.