The acquisition of mobile studio Silicon Jelly by Dreadlocks Ltd., the creators of the successful cyberpunk RPG Dex, has been completed.

Silicon Jelly created several popular games, including Mimpi and Mimpi Dreams, which at last count had been played by more than 3.5 million gamers. The mobile studio also created the Little Mole series for children as well as a casual action game, Bugocalypse. Despite its successes, Silicon Jelly faced cash flow issues which led to the staff leaving to found a new startup. In the process, Dreadlock was offered the opportunity to purchase Silicon Jelly’s assets, which developer elected to do.

“We are very proud to have fused Dreadlocks and Silicon Jelly together,” said Michal Cervenka, CEO of Dreadlocks and the newly acquired Silicon Jelly. “Dreadlocks was originally founded as a studio focusing on the development of mobile games, but immediately after our first game we moved to PC and consoles, putting our slate of mobile projects on ice. Thanks to this acquisition, we are now able to revive some of our earlier concepts for mobile games and also to take the Mimpi series of games to the next level. We believe that all the 3.5 million fans of this highly-popular doggy will be excited about our acquisition as it means they will finally be getting the new content they have been waiting for. The next Mimpi update is already in development.”

As part of the acquisition, Silicon Jelly will be rebranded as Dreadlocks Mobile. According to Cervenka, the first game to be released under the Dreadlocks Mobile brand will be a sequel to Dreadlock’s first game, Rune Legend. The new casual puzzle game, Rune Legends, will be a “complete reboot of the original” and will “lay the foundations for our new mobile division.”

Revenues from Dreadlocks Mobile will mostly be invested into the development of Dreadlocks’ new game, Ghost Theory.