Paulina Pabis and Michal Pabis, creators of the famous mobile title Eyes, the Horror Game, have unveiled their latest project, Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself, a futuristic first-person survival horror. The game is available for Android and iOS.

The game’s story is set in the future. The brilliant young scientist Dr. Laird seeks to secure global peace through his controversial nanorobotic inventions. Unfortunately, the supervisor AI program in charge ends up corrupted. Known as M.I.R.A., she is self-aware and malicious, with a twisted agenda all her own. Safely ensconced in an underground military facility, M.I.R.A. is a threat to all humanity.

Players take on the role of M.I.R.A. Prime, the uncorrupted “twin” of the AI currently running amok. In control of a cybernetic body, players must navigate M.I.R.A’s fortress and find a way to deactivate her by searching for the necessary information scattered throughout in diaries, data logs, and e-mails. While M.I.R.A. may be insane, she is not stupid: her compound has been filled with traps to complement the original security systems, and biological monstrosities she has created are everywhere. Players are able to make their way through the base either by sneaking through with help from their Cloaking Module, or fighting it out with a shock rifle.

There is a catch: Prime’s body is highly energy-consumptive, so players must not only maneuver around (or through) the dangers of the base, but carefully manage their actions to in order avoid running out of power at a critical moment. Various items are scattered around the facility, such as batteries to restore energy or nanocoins to acquire upgrades, but aimless wandering can result in a premature encounter with M.I.R.A which Prime may not survive.