Gameforge and developers Webzen today announced the worldwide release of MMORPG Metin2 on Steam… for a given value of worldwide.

Set in the world of the Dragon God, the free-to-play title is one of the longest-running in the MMO genre, having celebrated its tenth birthday on December 17, 2016. Despite its age, the game continues to receive regular updates. Webzen claims that at one point, Metin2 had more players than World of Warcraft, with over 7.6 million active accounts. At present, the user base stands at over a million actives.

Metin2‘s Steam debut is accompanied by an improved introduction to give newcomers an easier start and faster progression. Returning players fresh blood, new exclusive trading cards, and badges. Gameforge and Webzen are currently working on providing veterans the ability to link their existing accounts to Steam.

However, the game has met a decidedly mixed reaction. A number of Steam members have voiced their discontent, complaining about the lack of a new Global server, which seems to have been a constant request from the user base. Instead, players playing through Steam will be playing on the same server currently in use for Gameforge. In addition, there is a recurring issue where the Gameforge’s GameGuard accuses the Steam client of being a conflicting program, thereby making the entire point of a Steam debut moot.

Perhaps the most balanced reaction to the Seam release comes from FloralShoppe’s bulleted list.

Pros: -Nostalgic to the old european gamers.
-Now this game is on steam.
-It has the Lycan.
-Strangely addictive.
-Since it’s on Steam it features global (not really global) comunity so non-european gamers (not only the romanians and greeks) can interact with the comunity now.
-Dumnezei mati

Cons: -Repetitive.
-So ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ TOXIC.
-Pay to win.
-Outdated graphics.
-Staff is incompetent.

It’s worth a shot but not to waste money on that game.