Midas Touch Interactive, a technology company that specializes in physics-based animation and VR/AR interaction, has released the Midas Creature, a Directable Automated Animation Engine designed to simplify and accelerate the workflow in creating complex 2D animations. The engine can be used for video games as well as “other creative applications.”

“Midas Creature is the ideal pipeline for game developers and anyone else looking for a more powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use 2D animation process,” said Kevin He, CEO of Midas Touch Interactive. “The Directable Automated Animation Engine of Midas Creature allows you to create animations you might have previously thought impossible with key frame or flash animation. This includes motion like hair and cloth fluttering in the wind, as well as 3D-to-2D Mocap transfer.”

Some of the features in the new engine include the Skeletal Rigging and Animation tools, which developers can use to build, pose, and warp their works in a streamlined process that reduces the time and money spent while maintaining high quality. Midas Touch says that the engine’s early adopters have seen a tenfold increase in the speed of their art pipeline performance, a claim they attribute to PlayStudios.

The engine itself was developed under the direction of Jiayi Chong, a former Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios whose works include Toy Story 3, Wall-E, UP, Brave, and Monsters University. During his decade at Pixar, Chong developed physics simulation tools and engines, including simulations for rigid body dynamics, deformable solids, cloth, hair, fluid dynamics, and skin simulation tools.

Midas Creature comes in two tiers, Creature Enterprise and Creature Indie. Enterprise is the premium offering that provides users with the “full-featured” version of the tool and a license for Sprite Bump, a normal mapping tool that gives 3D lighting effects to 2D images. Enterprise users can file an unlimited number of support tickets. First-year Enterprise customers also receive an hour of feedback on their projects from a Midas Creature Lead Engineer each month. The Enterprise package is offered as a subscription, renewed annually.

The Indie tier is designed for small-scale development teams, while still providing product complete features and support. The Indie license is available to those with less than $100,000 in gross revenues and can be purchased for $19.99 per seat for a 30-day license, to be renewed month-by-month. Midas Touch is also offering students a version of Midas Creature that allows them to use the tool free for one month.

“We’re very excited to have Jiayi on our team as he brings tremendous passion and expertise, which he utilizes to build and implement our next-gen AI driven physics based animation pipeline helping to further establish Midas Touch Interactive as a burgeoning immersive entertainment technology expert developing cost effective and deeply interactive content creation services,” said He.