Developer KEMCO has launched Asdivine Hearts 2, sequel to the RPG Asdivine Hearts, onto the App Store. The game is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch, and was previously available for Android devices.

Asdivine Hearts 2 includes a summary of the first game, allowing players to pick up and play. Set two years after the events of Asdivine Hearts, protagonist Zack has spent the time since in unrequited love for the heroines of his first adventure. The group sets out on a new quest to save the parallel world of Archelio, which is on the verge of being frozen in ice. They are joined by two new companions, and soon find themselves opposed by a mysterious creature and suspicious fellow with divine powers attempting to stop them from finding out the truth.

The gameplay is based on KEMCO’s standard mobile JRPG model, with a few new twists. One change is from what is being called “the series’ first team system.” Players form a party of up to six characters from a roster of thirty-eight. The trust gauge now unlocks access to skills called microbursts. Microbursts change based on team combination, unleashing great power as well as new tactical options. The rubix and jewel system has been optimized, and now allows for buddy jewels, allowing the player to insert a character’s abilities into another’s rubix. A new feature, the Garden, allows players to plant seeds, dispatch characters on jobs to earn extra Guild coins, and store weapons. A new trophy system pays out rewards like items, equipment, and jewels, while the battle arena allows monster trainers to brawl.

As a freemium app, Asdivine Hearts 2 features in-game ads, but has an option to remove the ads for $7.99, although the game currently has a launch discount setting the price at $4.99. Paying the fee also adds 800 in-game points.