For those with a deep love of building their own city, has prepared a special treat. Steam’s DRM-free competitor is making gaming history accessible with three Worldwide Digital Exclusive releases in the venerable city-building genre. Th original Caesar (pictured above), its direct sequel Caesar II, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom are now available for purchase from

The three games are part of Sierra’s City Building series, which allowed players to manage cities in the distant past. The series covers the ancient civilizations of Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China. Until 2004, the games used the same isometric view game engine, optimized to fit the theme of the game. Subsequent titles used three-dimensional graphics engines.

Caesar & Caesar II were the only ancient Rome-themed city-builders missing from The two games successfully introduced a strong historical context into the city-building strategy genre and paved the way for next games in the series. With their addition, players are now in a position to experience the beginning to one of the most engrossing genres in gaming. Players will be required to build better lives for Roman citizens while keeping pesky barbarians from overrunning the city. Doing well enough could lead the player to become the next Emperor… assuming the current one does not take offense to the player’s ambition.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom puts players in a position to build and develop an ancient kingdom across more than three thousand years of China’s history. Players will be faced with the economic, political, military, and diplomatic affairs that either expand the kingdom or abruptly halt its glorious course through history. The game was originally released in 2002 and is the last of the City Building series.

In order to celebrate the release of these three Worldwide Digital Exclusives, is having a Grand City-Builders Sale with over 15 titles from the genre up to 80% off. The line-up includes titles from the SimCity series, Tropico series, Evil Genius, Urban Empire, Banished and more. The sale will last until February 13, 2017, 2PM UTC.