The Game Creators, the company behind the GameGuru development program, have released an update to the tool that now provides game developers with full control of First and Third Person Logic. In other words, LUA scripters can now manipulate player control mechanics directly.

Player control mechanics are the logic code that determine when and how the player character acts, controls physics, and operates jetpacks. The code was previously hard coded in GameGuru in order to simplify the development process and reduce the amount of work required to build a 3D game. By moving this logic to external LUA script, GameGuru users now have full access and the ability to change any aspect they wish.

In a statement, Lee Bamber, CEO of TheGameCreators, said, “Though not included by default, having direct access to the player control script allows users to script exciting features such as swimming, non-physics vehicle control, advanced sniping, third-person camera markers, platforms and elevators, anti-gravity, climbing ladders, crawl camo modes, switch from first to third person and vice versa, leaning, object pick up and drop, sliding and stealth mode. It all makes for great game play.”

In addition to making the player control mechanics LUA script, other improvements included in there update are:

  • Over 500 new LUA commands added for scripters
  • Added new footfall sound effects for Grass, Stone, Wood and Metal
  • Can now control water level from the setup file
  • All A.I calculations now moved to a second core for improved performance
  • Added three new character reskins for soldier, shotgun and uzi enemies
  • Now displays weapon selections in alphabetical order
  • Improved shaders, including flags for retro rendering technique
  • Improvements to soldier AI behaviour

The Game Creators also recently updated MyWorld, their action RPG creativity game that is currently on Steam Early Access. The game encourages players to build their own world, and the rules, the scenes, and how people play are defined by the player. The twist comes from allowing players to link worlds and levels with each other.