Stockholm-based indie developers Fatshark have decided that their current secret project, working title 0921 (the Area Code for Boden, Sweden) could use a new name. Rather than sit down in a soul-sucking exercise with their marketing committee, they have decide to try a new tack: ask gamers to come up with something.

“Game developers are often super-secretive regarding new projects, and they usually get a working title day one that is used until it’s officially announced. The names are randomly picked in the beginning and no one really thinks much about it. Then after a year or so, it’s not as catchy anymore,” said Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. “We like doing things a little differently at Fatshark, and we thought we’d get outside help to make our working title as great as it possibly can be.”

So what is the secret project? Is it a new DLC or even an expansion on an existing game? A new game all together? Perhaps it’s actually a new IP, meant to launch them into a new stage of growth? As helpful as that detail would be in coming up with a name, Fatshark is holding all its cards close to its chest. Their chief requests are that the working title be good, so their employees can be inspired to work on it and so they can print the name on t-shirts and other internal goods.

Of course, this is not a pro bono deal – the gamer who submits the best working title will receive a Fatshark Developer Promotion Kit, which includes, in the company’s own words, “a Fatshark hoodie, Fatshark socks – and pretty much anything else we have that says Fatshark on it (can be a lot, we have a magic marker). Also all the PC games we have published.”

Gamers interested in challenging their naming prowess have forty-three days to send in entries via the promo page.