Mobile gaming publisher flaregames has announced a new initiative, called the Flare Accelerator, designed to allow the German company to identify new mobile game developers with viable free-to-play game ideas and support their development.

Founded in 2011, flaregames owns, amongst other F2P titles, the Royal Revolt franchise, and has significant venture backing on top of revenues from its games. The company has said that the Flare Accelerator is part of a flaregames strategy to shift more heavily towards product validation processes. The company intends to invest 20 million euros (~$21 million) into the Flare Accelerator over the next 18 months as part of this effort.

The Flare Accelerator is designed to target developers in mid- and late-stage production and deploy the company’s publishing expertise to the benefit of both developer and publisher. The incubator’s aim is to validate a game’s business viability quickly, after which flaregames will use its knowledge to grow the game’s revenue. From launch, the 20 million euro investment previously mention will support the development of games signed up for the program. Not included in that sum are the significant marketing budgets the company intends to put behind each game.

“The huge abundance of product opportunities in mobile has created a buyer’s market for publishers and put developers at a disadvantage,” said Fraser MacInnes, Head of Portfolio Management, “The Flare Accelerator will create a new engagement model that tilts the odds back in the developer’s favor. By helping developers validate their game’s business case viability as quickly as possible, as well as identifying problem areas early on, we enable developers to concentrate on what developers do best – making fun, captivating experiences. Meanwhile, we as flaregames continue to follow our core objective of building up a family of world-class developers.”

The program bears some superficial similarity to Xsolla’s investment fund, but the lack of a quarterly royalty dividends requirement is a significant difference. In addition, the incubator will likely allow the game developers accepted into the program more independence than Xsolla Capital.

The Flare Accelerator program begins in March 2017, after the Game Developers Conference.