Developer Sandbox Interactive has announced the official launch of their sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The launch has been staggered over a period of several days in order to better control the load on the server. According to the developers, Albion Online is the first PC game to enable the exact same experience on tablets.

Set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion, the game has been in beta for the past five years as the developers tested and improved the functionality and gameplay. Players can adopt any number of roles, from a fighter to a farmer to a master craftsman, as every single weapon and every single building is created by the players. Players define their own role within the game: the character system free is of the typical class restrictions, so archer can quickly become a mage, as the abilities of player characters are solely defined by their equipment. Those more skilled at production or trade can make a fortune as supply and demand determine the market price.

Gameplay also includes small- or large-scale battles, including dungeons with powerful PvE opponents as well as PvP or Guild vs. Guild battles that create new challenges for gamers. Players are also able to conquer territories as they adventure through Albion.

“We are very proud to officially launch Albion Online after this intense time. We want to thank our awesome community that remained loyal to us all this time and constantly provided us with feedback. Now, things will really get going, and we’re excited to see how the world of Albion Online will develop and what kind of stories our players will write,” said Stefan Wiezorek, CEO of Sandbox Interactive.

In order to gain access, currently players must purchase one of three “packs” of starter materials. Different packs enable access at different times, with full functionality available tomorrow, July 19, 2017, at 3pm CEST.