Danish developer Logic Artists has released Expeditions: Viking, the Norse-themed follow-up to their Expeditions: Conquistador strategy action RPG. The game is available via Steam.

As the newly appointed chieftain of a modest Viking clan, players rule a small village of the Northern reaches of Europe. There is little left of glory or gold in the Norse lands, and with a mission to grow the village’s prosperity and renown, the Vikings set their sights on the the seas to the West, where tales speak of a great island filled with treasure ready for the taking: Britannia. With trusted warriors ready to follow, the chieftain will lead them into history.

Players start out the game by creating their Viking chieftain, using the caracter system to allocate stats, skills, and abilities and define their character’s role. From there, players use their warband to raid in a strategy-RPG based system. Alternatively, players can chose to engage in peaceful trade instead. Similarly to the real historical era, players can choose to side with various factions, such as the Picts or Angles, or aspire to power for themselves. Regardless of what is chosen, a reputation system influences the player’s interactions with NPCs, as player action may create fear or spark betrayal.

“After more than two years of development we are very excited to release and share Expeditions: Viking with the public! Hopes are high at the studio as we make our final release preparations and we look forward to the user feedback on the forums and reviews to come,” said Ali Emek, CEO of Logic Artists. “We have been lucky to have the support of a loyal and passionate community over these years and we look forward to the years to come where we will grow together as one. We extend our great thanks to everyone who offered their time to be a part of our closed beta program and to those who have already volunteered to make fan translations so that Expeditions: Viking can be even more accessible to our audience worldwide.”

Expeditions: Viking