Rotterdam-based publisher Soedesco has announced that as of today, the retail edition of adventure-RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic can be found in stores in Europe, Australia, New-Zealand and the Middle-East. The retail edition of the game will be released in North America on February 14. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Today also marks the worldwide release of the game on the PlayStation Store.

The game is set on Umbra, a beautiful, harsh world that mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago. Umbra’s unique position leaves it in a position where half the world is scorched by the unrelenting sun, the other half is partway to absolute zero due to the lack of sunlight, and a small patch of livable land exists on the boundary line between the two. The incident that locked the planet into its current state caused the collapse of civilization, and the story follows desert scavenger Amon and his unlikely companions on their journey.

Developers Snowcastle Games derived their inspiration from JRPGs, but wanted to provide a Western take and deliberately subvert common JRPG character tropes. The gameplay used turn-based combat with certain changes. The primary change is the pairing system, where the party is made up of pairs instead of individual characters, each pair composed of a warrior and a protector. When the characters are damaged by enemies, they accumulate support points, which can be used to activate other moves. Pairing different combinations of characters unlocks different moves and tactics, greatly affecting the flow of battle. Additional gameplay features include the talent tree to train characters according to the player’s preferred style and a harvesting function for players to gather materials and resources.

The PC version of the game includes a digital version of the Original Soundtrack and the Hero Outfit Pack DLC.