Developer KEMCO continues to keep its metaphorical toe in the console sea by porting Dragon Sinker, an Android original retro-styled JRPG. The game is now available for the 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.

Dragon Sinker deals with an evil dragon known as Wyrmvarg, who appeared a thousand years ago as the harbinger of destruction upon the world. A human, an elf, and a dwarf sealed the dragon deep within the earth, prompting an age of peace and prosperity. However, Wyrmvarg eventually broke free of its bonds, and the last century has been one of darkness and destruction. Now the player must stand and bring an end to Wyrmvarg’s reign of terror for all time.

KEMCO was one of the original Nintendo licensees and developed games for all of Nintendo’s consoles up until the Gamecube. The company branched out into XBox and PlayStation 2 before switching to a mobile-exclusive approach around 2007, and Dragon Sinker blends the JRPG traditions of the 8-bit era with KEMCO’s template for mobile RPGs. In terms of appearances, the game uses colorful sprites blended with MIDI-style music to provide a retro-feel.

As a JRPG, the game provides turn-based combat, with the three main heroes in the game being a human, an elf, and a dwarf, and up to twelve party members available. Each hero leads a team and the player can swap between them to challenge enemies. There are sixteen jobs available in game, creating a system where complementing the traits of the different races and the characteristics of the jobs results in different combinations and battle power that can be stacked to give different benefits to the party. In addition, the game incorporates numerous quests and dungeons for players to explore for experience and loot.

Dragon Sinker retails for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop. The game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.