The first release automation solution specifically made for game and VR developers, DIRECT for Release Automation is now integrated with Unreal Engine 4, Amazon Lumberyard and Unity 5.

Typically, games require that all of their assets be available on the local machine before gaming can begin, which can lead to long wait times during first-time installations or for returning players that need to update their game to catch up. However, DIRECT reduces the requirements so that only a minimum amount of content must be available before a player can enter the game.

By integrating with the most common engines in use for game development, the cloud-based solution now allows most developers to significantly reduce installation times and make it easier for gamers to begin playing their games. The platform works by using independent pipelines to manage the deployment of game content to the player’s system from within the game engine and handle byte-level differences for efficient data transfer during repository synchronizations.

DIRECT’s Workflow API simplifies development by allowing an implementer to create and chain discrete, pre-defined system tasks using JSON without the need to write expansive functions. Workflow supports the installer functionality needed for most games and incorporates an API-driven build system integration that automates deployment and branch promotion of new builds throughout the last-mile pipeline. The API also incorporates event data streaming that provides continuous insight into acquisition funnel and operational health of the deployment pipeline.

“Large, monolithic game downloads are a legacy from when games were made for pre-packaged retail distribution,” said Rick Buonincontri, CEO of Solid State Networks. “We are committed to making it easier for developers to implement an onboarding experience designed for digital distribution using their choice of game technologies. The deep integration of DIRECT with these leading game engines is a significant step forward in that direction.”