UK games industry charity GamesAid has come up with a novel way to encourage donations. Instead of asking for cash, the charity has launched Digital For Good, a program where publishers and developers can donate in-game content that can be monetized, thereby raising funds. Full games, in-game items or DLC can be donated via Steam either in perpetuity or for a specified period of time to help good causes. The organization hopes that Digital For Good will enable the charity to leverage its greatest asset in the industry to benefit those who need it most.

The new initiative launches today with the Cynical Imp Charity DLC for dungeon manager War for the Overworld. Developed by Brighton, UK-based Brightrock Games, the game has players build their very own dungeon with unique rooms, deadly traps and minions while pitting gamers against do-gooder heroes and rival Underlords. The pack of skins and themes is available at three different donation tiers, with 100% of the proceeds going to GamesAid. The Cynical Imp Charity DLC is available via the War for the Overworld website as well as on Steam.

To date, GamesAid has raised over £2.5 million. Last year, the charity presented checks written for £95,400 each to Access Sport, Accuro, Action For Kids, Aidis Trust, Blackpool Carers Centre, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Lifelites, MAPS, Solving Kids’ Cancer, and Special Effect during a special ceremony held at Warner House, London.

“The industry is evolving and with it so are the options to raise funds for the charities that GamesAid supports,” said Ian Chambers, Chairman of GamesAid. “This initiative offers game developers and publishers a straightforward and impactful way through which to raise funds from their content.”