Publisher Bandai Namco has announced the debut of Impact Winter, a survival adventure game. The game is available for PC via Steam and will be released for digital download for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Developed by indie studio Mojo Bones, players take the role of Jacob Solomon, a survivor of a devastating asteroid strike. The world is buried in unending snowfall as Solomon’s group of five survivors shelter within an abandoned church. Ako-Light, Solomon’s robot companion, intercepts a radio transmission claiming that help will be arriving in thirty days. Now the goal is to try to survive until the rescuers arrive.

As would be expected, gameplay focuses on surviving until the end of the countdown. Players explore an the unpredictable frozen world as they try to keep their companions’ morale high. Scavenging the snow-buried ruins and crafting new tools and items are essential for that role. In order to do so, Ako-Light can drill for supplies, explore new areas, light darkened interiors and empty nights, carry supplies, and track the player’s position.

“When we started working on Impact Winter, little did we realist how big the journey would become,” said Stuart Ryall, Co-founder and game designer at Mojo Bones. “Impact Winter is often categorised as a ‘survival’ game, but our intention from the start was to try to and build on the genre through our love of Adventure and RPG games: a new take on the ‘survive-as-long-as-possible’ formula that plays with familiar rules. Prior to launch, we’d like to say a final thank you to all our supporters and collaborators. Impact Winter has been developed by a core team of five people – a huge undertaking for a game of this scale – and the support we’ve received along the way has been invaluable. Hopefully our passion for creating the world of Impact Winter is there for all to see.”

Impact Winter has a retail price of $19.99. The game has a PEGI rating of 16+.