Corona Labs has turned its Corona Enterprise engine into a free-to-use package that combines it with their Simulator-based product. The combined free offering is known simply as Corona.

Based on integrated Lua layered on top of C++/OpenGL, Corona allows developers to build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle, desktop applications for Windows and OS X, and connected TV applications for Apple TV and Android TV. The income restrictions that existed previously have been removed and Corona developers are now able to build and maintain their own plugins as well. In exchange, the company is has advertising over its software, but developers who prefer not to be subject to it can purchase the Splash Screen Control plugin to remove or customize the default splash screen. Users who previously paid for Corona Enterprise will receive a 1-year license for the Splash Screen Control plugin.

In a statement, the company said, “Of course, most developers don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so we will continue to offer and maintain a wide array of world-class monetization, analytics, and attribution plugins, conveniently available to help you make the most from your apps.”

Rather than relying on income restrictions and licensing, Corona is concentrating on monetizing its plugins and expanding it marketplace. The company recommends developers build apps that use advertising as a component of their income strategy, as its paid advertising plugins, revenue-share-based plugins, and free monetization plugins where they have a partnership with the provider provides the best result for both the company and developer in that manner.

The Corona Marketplace is also an area the company wants to grow, as it can provide developers with art and audio assets as well as game templates to help developers with own projects. In addition, it can provide developers with additional opportunities for income should they elect to become content providers for the marketplace.

Corona Labs is also expanding its publishing support. The company has said it is now working in cooperation with large, experienced publishers to help developers become more successful. Its publishing services provides pre-release services, cross-promotion, user acquisition, in-game analytics, and App Store Optimization (ASO), amongst other services.