Sometimes, it’s not about the quantity of the betas, so much as how much hype is being put behind a single beta.

For those interested in playing a new MMO, Kritika Online launches its open beta today. Players with an En Masse account can select from four character types (the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, or the deadly Reaper) as they solo or team up to rampage through fast-paced levels, defeating enemies and super-sized level bosses using mega blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics.

Developer En Masse Entertainment is kicking off the festivities with a livestream on their Twitch channel starting at 4pm EDT. The livestream will include a behind-the-scenes look at how the game has changed since closed beta, as well as interviews with Lead Game Designer Seong Beom Ahn and voice actor Brianna Knickerbocker, live dungeon runs with members of the community, giveaways, and a special announcement.

For those more interested in getting up and playing, several limited-time events and community initiatives to welcome new players are currently active. Special leveling awards, attendance bonuses, and PvP rewards await players who reach level 15 before the official launch of the game later this year.

Players can also compete head to head in the Kritikal Hit PvP Kampaign, which will offer players new challenges and rewards each week through Monday, July 24, 2017.