MassHive Media, an indie game studio from Indonesia, is seeking the Steam Greenlight for their new game, Azure Saga: Pathfinder.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder is a tactical RPG in a science fiction/fantasy blended setting. Humanity live inside space colonies and search out resources to sustain themselves. Some of them believe in a myth that says they will one day be able to find a legendary planet called Azure, a place full of life and abundant resources that can sustain life for generations to come. Players assume control of Synch and his droid. The pair are on their way to pick up Synch’s father when they are shot down and stranded on an unfamiliar planet.

Visually, the game appears unusually pretty. It’s a 2.5 isometric world and the graphics almost appear to be drawn by hand then cel-shaded. The story itself is supposed to be told in a visual novel format, complete with appropriately stylized and high-quality illustrations.

While deriving inspiration from the Star Ocean and Breath of Fire franchise, the studio claims that they were most influenced by Legend of Legaia. Azure Saga: Pathfinder’s battle system provides players with a combination system where character skills can be paired with each other in various different combos, creating a unique effects and animation depending on who the player has paired up. With over 45 combination skills to be unlocked, players are encouraged to try different combination of skills to explore and unleash powerful skills that can assist them in fights.

In a statement, Andika Pradana, co-founder and Creative Director of MassHive Media, said, “We want to expand and revitalize the JRPG concept of skill exploration within a single character into a teamwork and party composition. Fans of old-school RPG will definitely found some fresh air from Azure Saga: Pathfinder.”