Author: Matthew Lee

Power-Up Digital Game Conference: The “Legends of RPG” Panel

For the last few days, we’ve been faithfully covering the Power-Up Digital Games Conference, highlighting some of the best talks each day, on topics from designing empathy in games to growing a business, from the future of VR to the past and present of gaming charities. That coverage will end later today, with highlights from the remaining talks in the afternoon. This article, however, is dedicated to perhaps the most high-powered session at this edition of the PDGC: the “Legends of RPG” panel, with a collection of legendary developers of digital (western) role-playing games coming together talk about their first exposure to RPGs, the...

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Power-Up Digital Games Conference: Wrapup & Day 4 Highlights

Today is the fourth and final day of the 2nd Power-Up Digital Games Conference (PDGC), with the last talks of the conference concluding less than an hour ago. Given that it is a free event, with almost no funds spent on advertisement or on recruiting speakers, the quality of the talks was quite high, with speakers from a broad swathe of the game industry generously volunteering their time to share their thoughts on game development with around five hundred attendees from all around the world – 40% more than the 350 attendees from last year. While the general theme of PDGC was “The Devs...

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Power-Up Digital Games Conference: Day 3 Highlights

Its finally the weekend, and you know what that means – Day 3 of the Power-Up Digital Games Conference. Today’s slate of talks covered a sprawling number of topics, with VR & the business of developing games being featured in a few, though the overarching theme for the day seemed to be players and communities, an area often overlooked by developers. For all that it is tempting to focus on games as existences unto themselves, brought to life by hard work and the technology that powers it, it is critical to remember that games are meant to be played, and that having the best-designed and executed game in the...

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Power-Up Digital Games Conference: Day 2 Highlights

Today marks the second day of the Discord-based Power-Up Digital Games Conference, a free event aimed at educating and inspiring aspiring game developers, newcomers to the dev scene, and indies who might want to learn a few new tricks or techniques. And as suits an indie-oriented conference, much of the discussion is freeform and organic, with some talking about games they’re making and challenges they’re having, some discussing favorite games and the state of the industry, and some talking about hot topics like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and whether or not they are fads. Given that VR is such a hot topic, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of today’s highlights...

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Power-Up Digital Games Conference: Day 1 Highlights

Today was the first day of the Power-Up Digital Games Conference (PDGC) II: The Devs Strike Back, a free Discord-based event aimed at educating and inspiring new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, and other members of the video games industry. The schedule of speakers (including PDGC’s first panels!) can be found here, along with some of the discussion topics in the wee hours of the night. Among the highlights of first day was a talk by Heidi McDonald, formerly of Schell Games, now Creative Director of iThrive, on “Making Players Care: Designing for Empathy and Positive Psychology.”  Empathy, not to be confused with sympathy, is feeling...

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