There are over one million games in the Google Play store. With over four hundred new Android games released every day, how is an indie developer supposed to get their game noticed?

It was only a matter of time until a startup tried to meet the demand for a solution. ANDi Games has debuted its first stab at solving the problem, called “Helping Hands.” The first of four packages due to be released this year, it is designed to help developers reach mobile players. The company says that the packages can target the users most likely to download a developer’s game at the time they’ll be most receptive to it. The packages also include social media promotion, product reviews, developer interviews and a landing page enabling developers to direct traffic to their game.

The company is already working alongside TIGA and Ukie, two of the most influential associations representing the video games industry in the United Kingdom, making it likely its solution will be highly visible to British game developers and publishers. ANDi Games plans to launch a series of new packages aimed at varying sizes of game development studios. The advanced packages will include analytics and AI backed A/B testing bundles as well as full user journey analysis features such as statistics within the application, user gaming preferences, and exclusive push notifications.

“The hope is to help Mobile Game developers reach users that are valued mobile players, test ideas, review their product, and take that first step into consumer outreach at a very affordable price,” said Ben Woolf, CEO & Co-Founder of ANDi Games. “For us it lets our users and audience have direct communication with the developer. Our goal at this stage is to help indie developers and smaller studios to really engage with and learn more about their players.”