AFKer Patches Update keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Starship Disco launches from early access and adds new features, The Culling adds a new map and some new toys, Descent: Underground does the same while going bump in the night, mages rise in Eternal Crusade, Atlas Reactor launches its second season, and ARK: Survival Evolved adds new beasts and new environments.

Starship Disco
Starship Disco has officially departed Early Access on Steam. In addition, the VR game has been updated with new game features through a version update across all platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

Starship Disco is an intergalactic VR experience where players take their ship and shoot their alien enemies to the rhythm of the music. The rhythm is dictated by both embedded tracks and imported music tracks. Scoring is dictated by the player’s ability to accurately shoot the enemy target precisely to the rhythm of the music. Notable feature additions include an enhanced algorithm for precise user music beat tracking, additional difficulty settings to address all gamer capability levels, and a special mode to accommodate colorblind gamers.

“As a one-man, independent game developer, I’m excited to deliver a unique, music-driven experience for VR gaming in Starship Disco,” said Richard (Rico) Stenson, President of Solus Games. “My goal is to create an engaging VR game that people can appreciate while enjoying their own music playlists. I think that combo provides a very special experience in VR gaming. The release of Starship Disco from Early Access is exciting and I think the feature enhancements I’ve made makes the game more enjoyable for all players.”

The Culling
Steam game The Culling has received a new update, called The Big House, which includes a new map on top of other changes. This marks the transition for the game to Beta status.

The new map, Cul County Correctional, is a “prison playground” where players can fight out in on the yard or in the cells. New events include the Golden Crowbar, Shake & Bake, and Drop Your Bridges. There is also a new Lightning Round mode with solo- and team-play, along with improved matchmaking and quickplay.

Minor additions include new tools such as yari, pitchforks, camp hatchets, steel punji sticks, as well as new outfits and skins.

Descent: Underground
PC game Descent: Underground has been patched. Tenebrae, the codename for the new update, includes includes several fixes, balance tweaks, and improvements requested by players.

In terms of new content, Tenebrae adds a new, ominously-lit map called “Dead Moroz”, glowing energy weapons, and includes the first “Trainee” difficulty setting for bots in the map “Valor”, enlarges proximity mines to better block tunnels, improves visibility, and corrects a problem experienced by some Mac users.

Eternal Crusade
Mobile MMORPG Eternal Crusade debuts its new Rise of the Mage expansion. The update includes the addition of the new Mage class, completing the traditional fantasy collection of warrior, ranger, and wizard. There is also a new Attire system which, besides altering visual appearances, also influences stats in combat. The new expansion will be celebrated with in-game events.

Atlas Reactor
PC game Atlas Reactor has debuted its second season by not only going free-to-play, but promising new content for the next ten weeks. On top of the usual F2P conversion thank-you package, Season 2 immediately introduces a new player-character, named Brynn the Skywarden, and a new gameplay mode, All-Random Mode.

In addition, in the coming weeks Atlas Reactor should introduce another new character, four more new gameplay modes, five new chapters of content, and new “loot” (emoji, skins, etc.). In addition, the intro has been revamped to better introduce new prospective players with the game mechanics, and balance changes have been effected to the characters and the ranking system.

ARK: Survival Evolved
XBox One/PS4/PC title ARK: Survival Evolved received a content update that adds new beasts and new environments. The update brings the console versions up to date with v253 of the PC version. The update includes two full-scale underwater caves that are progression oriented with artifacts. The update also releases five new creatures, including a tameable Raptor and a vegetarian T-rex. The PlayStation 4 update also adds the “Procedurally Generated Maps” feature on-par with PC and Xbox One, which allows players to generate an infinite variety of new ARKs to experience. The update is free and available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.