AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Super Bomberman R has a blast, Dragon Blaze transcends to an angelic new level, MXGP3 goes for the Riders Cup, and Sid Story raids the Circle Boss.

Super Bomberman R
Nintendo Switch game Super Bomberman R has added Team Battles of 3-team or 4-team battles, as well as 1v4. New accessories include the Snowflake Series and Item Series. Three new maps have been added to Battle Mode: Plain Floor, a large open space in the middle of the stage; Desert Fort, strewn about with moving red tiles; Classic Conveyor Belt, with the familiar conveyor belt from past series; and Panic Factory, which is covered mostly with conveyor belts.

In addition, three new characters have been added, each with a special ability: Pyramid Head Bomber from Silent Hill defeats enemies instantaneously when in contact, Simon Belmont Bomber from Castlevania draws in bombs and characters from far away, and Vic Viper Bomber from Gradius moves super-fast.

Dragon Blaze
The latest update for mobile game Dragon Blaze introduces the Transcended Septem Archangeli, which include the powerful attacked Transcended Kymael and the speed debuffer Transcended Fryderyk. Also included in the update are the new U grade Triple Skill Cards, which gives players even more powerful customization options to their team. Players can combine two Dual Skill Cards to make one Triple Skill Card. A Triple Skill Card has three effects and can be equipped on an ally’s third Passive Skill slot. Finally, the update improves the drop rate of essences.

MXGP3 has added its first DLC, the Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup. The pack adds the Supermotocross competition, which allows players to from six of the most important MXGP Championship manufacturers (KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki) and race with their own team in the indoor Arena of Gelsenkirchen. Players can select any bike among 250cc and 450cc, as well as among all four stroke models to compete in Superpole. The best time in Superpole will let players choose the starting gate they prefer for the last race which will proclaim the Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup final winner.

Sid Story
The update to Sid Story revolves around the Circle Boss Raid, a type of Boss Raid played amongst Circle members. By defeating the Boss with their Circle members, players will gain access to rewards that will assist in further progression of the game. Additionally, the update contains an opening video that will aid in the understanding of the Sid Universe.